Design of steel structures
subjected to dynamic loads

- Theoretical basis for dynamic loads and response
- Applications in onshore and offshore structures
- Design rules and actual standards

Date: Monday 24. & Tuesday 25.november
Venue: Felix konferansesenter, Aker Brygge, Oslo

. The course is held in English

The lecturer is Dr.Junbo Jia, Aker Solutions AS. See data below.

Structural dynamics and vibrations have become an essential topic for assuring structural integrity and operational functionality in different engineering areas. The course aims to cover a wide range of topics in this field. Special focus is placed on its engineering applications utilizing state-of-the-art knowledge, finite element method, as well as relevant codes and recommended practices for both offshore and onshore structures.

The course is suitable for engineers who need a basic introduction to dynamic design and evaluation.


Day 1

Part 1: Basic aspects of Dynamics

08.30 Registration and refreshments

Theory of structural dynamics and vibrations

09.00 - 13.00 Part 1 :
Essential theoretical background of structural dynamics and vibrations

• What is dynamics ?
• Engineering significance of dynamics and vibrations
• Newton dynamics
• Modal analysis
• Nonlinear dynamics
• Damping
• Stochastic dynamics

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

Applications and practical guidance

14.00 - 1700 : Part 2 :
Dynamic Environmental Loading for Structures on land and offshore

• Dynamic response under environmental loading
• Wind loading and structural responses
• Ocean wave loading and structural responses
• Earthquake loading and structural responses

17.00 End of day 1

Day 2

Applications and practical guidance (cont'd)

08.30 - 11.00 Part 3 :Special topics for offshore structural dynamics
• Offshore structural modelling
• Fatigue assessment under dynamic wave and wind loading
• Vibration and noise on board ships and offshore platforms

11.00-15.00 (incl. 1 hour lunch) Part 4 :
Special topics for onshore structural and machinery dynamics

• Practical mitigation measures
• Machinery induced vibrations
• Human body vibrations
• Human induced vibrations
• Vehicle-structure dynamic interactions
• Shallow and deep foundation dynamics

15.00 - 16.00 Part 5 : Practical guidance to FEM analysis for dynamics

16.00 - 17.00 Part 6 : Structural design principles and codes
• Long-term probability distribution
• Engineering meaning of return period
• Allowable stress design
• Plastic design
• LRFD design
• Limit states design
• Performance based design

17.00 Summary and discussion

16.30 End of course

Lecturer: Dr. Junbo Jia is a structural engineer at Aker Solutions, Bergen. He has extensive experience in assessment and design accounting for dynamics and nonlinearities. He is currently a member of the expert group in ISO Fixed Steel Structures and Eurocode 3. He is authors of two Springer monographs: Essentials of Applied Dynamic Analysis, Modern Earthquake Engineering for Offshore and Onland Structures, and is the editor of a book volume: Engineering Dynamics and Vibrations (2017) by CRC press, U.S.A.

Practical information & registration

Date: 24 - 25. November 2014

Venue: Felix konferansesenter, Aker Brygge, Oslo

Registration fee
: incl. lunch and coffee breaks
Nkr. 9.200 for members of NFS and/or Norsk Stålforbund
Nkr. 9.500 for members of Tekna
Nkr. 9.700 for non-members

The course includes e-cours compendium

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Cansellation: If cancellation is done after final date of registration, the full fee has to be paid. Only written cancellation, that is confirmed received by Tekna, will be approved. Cancellation due to illness has to be confirmed by the doctor`s written approval.Otherwise, a full fee has to be paid.

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NB! Final date for registration: Wednesday 19. November 2014


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